Sustainability is an integral thread woven into our label’s mission. We want to invest in our planet, support our local community and protect our world resources for generations to come. Our first collection, Future Proof Essentials, strives to create a platform for consumers to make a difference. By shifting the focus from temporary trends to enduring essentials, SANS FAFF encourages buying more responsibly and wearing more consciously. While we are not perfect, we are eager to learn and explore new ideas to accelerate responsible change in our business.


Although we work hard to ensure our packaging and fabrics are recyclable and biodegradable - Singapore is a land scarce country that incinerates over 40% of its refuse. Knowing this, it has become clear that we need to offset the waste that SANS FAFF produces, not just in Singapore but globally. From the clothes that we create through to our production and packaging we want to be sure that we are doing everything in our power to leave as little of a footprint on the planet as possible.


As of May 2021 SANS FAFF is officially Singapore's first Waste Neutral fashion label in partnership with Nu Cycle. Nu Cycle is the world's first multi waste stream offset service with all offset credits converted to projects that are fully circular. Nu Cycle has conducted an in-depth audit of the annual amount of waste that we create in our production and processes and the equivalent weight of our waste impact is removed from the environment in some of the world's most affected regions.


The best part is that our offset credits are having an impact now. Ocean plastics and non recyclable plastics are being removed from the natural environment and converted into renewable fuel in Indonesia by Nu Cycle’s offset partner Geo Trash Management. We’ve chosen to work with Nu Cycle to ensure that at a minimum we aren’t contributing to the current waste crisis but ultimately taking part in the solutions of a regenerative tomorrow.


The fashion industry is responsible for 92 million tons of solid waste dumped into landfills each year. That's the equivalent of one garbage truck full of clothes being dumped into a landfill every second of the day. In order to innovate and redesign the way we produce and consume fashion it is our goal to become 100% accountable for our environmental footprint as well as the whole lifecycle of our products. For our first step towards this mission, we are proud to share that all of our packaging and hang tags are made from recyclable Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper and our mailer bags are biodegradable. We do not use harmful plastics in our packaging and we also work hard to avoid all single use plastics in our production and final products.


The quest for cheaper and faster production in the fashion industry continues to exploit vulnerable workers through long hours, low pay, and dangerous working conditions. As activists for the future we want to build, we want to make a difference when it comes to the way fashion is produced. In order to have maximum oversight of our production, our pieces are primarily made in Singapore by a family run business with supplemental manufacturing in China.

Our local factory resides in a Jurong Town Corporation (JTC) industrial estate in Singapore. As a government owned real estate company, under the ministry of trade and industry, JTC strives to provide safe working conditions for all of its tenants and visitors. JTC enforces strict tenancy guidelines that provide clean working conditions, structural safety, fire protection, energy savings and the accessibility requirements needed to maintain a safe working environment for everyone.

Our factories in China are also thoroughly audited by our supply chain partners at Fashion Group Solutions. As of 2021 we know exactly who produces our bamboo, custom made fabrics and finished garments. Having full oversight of our supply chain is something that we take very seriously. All supplier information is readily available upon request.

'1% For The Planet' is a member-based nonprofit organization that provides a platform for businesses from across the globe to donate 1% of their annual sales to environmental nonprofit organisations. Through active and engaging partnerships between businesses and non profits, this global network helps SANS FAFF to donate 1% of our total sales towards non profit organisations that work to protect our only home.


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